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'Tis a list of my fic. Enjoy <3

Bandom Fiction

Fall Out Boy

Title: We're Dying For An Adrenaline Rush (Pop A Pill For The Quick Thrill)
Rating: PG-13 (for discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: Patrick/Pete friendship
Summary: "Fading is the easy part, Patrick.  It's staying bright that's always hard."
A/N: Oh my god. I don't even know. I wanted something dark, twisted, and Best Buy incident centric, and when I couldn't find anything... This happened. Seriously. I have no idea. It is by far some of the worst stuff I have written, but some sick part of me apparently loves torturing poor Patrick. So. Enjoy, I guess? Again, no clue how this came out. My twisted, twisted head.


Title: I Never Claimed You Were A Mistake (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Pairing: General
Summary: Is this your first time out of the house?
A/N: Cross-posted from Just a silly five part mini-series of baby Fall Out Boy I'm writing while I attempt to gather my brain for heavier stuff. The lack of italics is annoying, but I can't fix that right now. However, I'm sure you can guess where they go. I hope you enjoy :)

Part One: Here.
Part Two: Here.

Title: Smiles Like Ritalin
Rating: PG-13 (for language and discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: General (vague Patrick/Pete)
Summary: Pete can’t believe his ticket to the big time came in the form of a stupid, young, perfect boy with the initials “PMS”, but it has.
A/N: This probably shouldn't see the light of day. Short, angsty drabble. Also not very good, in my opinion, but... *shrugs*


Panic! At The Disco

Title: The Bittersweet Lullabies (Are The Next Best Things After All The Lies)
Rating: PG-13 (for mild language)
Pairing: Ryan Ross/OC
Summary: (So, you tell me.  What comes next?)
A/N: Just a semi-length drabble I wrote. Includes strong tones of negativity towards Ryan Ross, so if that bothers you it's probably not a good read. Many lines in this are borrowed from the song titles/lyrics of Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, The All-American Rejects, Ten Second Epic, Mayday Parade, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, and others I am probably forgetting. Enjoy <3


Title: Spin It How You'd Like
Rating: R (for heavy language and discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: General
Summary: It's like when the foundation of a house begins to break apart.  It usually doesn't happen quickly, all at once; parts crumble a bit at a time, losing delicate pieces a few a year, over the course of a lifetime.
A/N: This was supposed to be my epic Spencer fic, but it turned into something else completely that I maybe fell in love with writing. This is probably my favorite thing I've written, or at least up there, so... I hope you feel the same? Heehee, enjoy :)


Title: Of Sparks And Heavy Lights
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: General
Summary: He found this band, so young and uncorrupted, just like he was.  Once.
A/N: Maybe you'll enjoy, maybe not. But my fingers blurred to get it out before I forgot.


Original Fiction

Title: Of Muse And Ink (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Rating: PG
Pairing: OC/OC
Summary: The first time he sees her, it's all bright rainbows and butterflies and piano melodies.
A/N: So. This is weird to post, because it's not fanfic. At all. And it's not a story based on my life like one other I posted on here. This is pure fiction, and one of the first times I can claim that I own everything. It's very rough, just a drabble right now, really, but I know where I want it to go. So. Have the first part. "Of Muse And Ink"

Part One: Here.

Title: Tripping The Light Fantastic
Pairing: OC/OC
Summary: It's cold out, but he's used to it.  Not much phases him, now.
A/N: Based on this [ profile] heavy_lights prompt. Totally improvised original. Not fantastic, just a drabble, but it's short and angsty (you shouldn't be surprised, lol). Also, you guys should join [ profile] heavy_lights. Great prompt community.

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