Nov. 23rd, 2009

andwhoareyousweetheart: (Patrick and Pete)
Title: Between The Li(n)es
Rating: R (for sexual content, language, and discussion of self-harm)
Pairing: Patrick/OC
POV: Third person (Patrick centric)
Summary: (He's also pretending he's not heading for her apartment.  Because he isn't.  He might end up there, accidentally, but.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction, nothing less, nothing more.
A/N: Coda to "So It's Not Hard To Fall (When You Float Like A Cannonball)" from "It's Rare, But It Sometimes Happens". What Patrick was doing while Joe and Holly had a moment in a grocery store. This is the first thing I've managed to write in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it's not too horrible. Inspired by several lines in "Wuthering Heights".

And while you were sleeping, I was sleeping around. )