Mar. 24th, 2010

andwhoareyousweetheart: (Joe Trohman 2)
Title: There Goes My Hero (He's Ordinary) - (1/2)
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Pairing: Joe/OC
POV: Third person (Joe centric)
Summary: "You could," he starts, before he nervously clears his throat and begins again. "You could come to my place."
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction, nothing less, nothing more.
A/N: Because I am a silly, ridiculous suck for Joe!fic, here's part one of the two-part in-between-quel that I wrote. This takes place right when they first start dating (and, importantly, before they sleep together). Title from "My Hero" by Foo Fighters, cut text from "Vegas" by All Time Low. Inspiration for awkward morning scenes to come from the awesome [ profile] drowninginlethe and an AIM conversation that I saved the transcript of so I could go back and be inspired and laugh outrageously. Thanks for being my tramp(oline) ;)

I would've married you in Vegas had you given me the chance to say I do. )