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I don't get it. I never fucking got it, to be honest. "It" being why everyone thinks Pete is such a horrible person, a douche-bag, a media-whore. I didn't like Fall Out Boy because of Pete; I didn't give a shit about any of the members until I happened to read some interview, somewhere, and got curious. But it was never about Pete for me, or Patrick, or Joe, or Andy. I listened to the music and I loved it.

And then, you know, I got sucked in. I was a Joe fan first, and I'm not even ashamed. Guess I'm one of the ten or so people who didn't love Pete first. But honestly, I would read all this shit about how Pete was a major douche-bag, or how he was ruining the band, and I wouldn't understand it. Not at all. Because while I wasn't exactly totally up to date with who he was/what he did, he seemed... Normal, to me. And then I got sucked in further. If I was a Joe fan first, I was a Pete fan second. I was honestly curious. Why was this likely slightly bi-polar/depressed man being torn to shreds at every turn? Why did the media hate this guy, when he was just trying to make it, make a mark, make something, in a world that was pretty much designed to prevent him from doing just that?

Maybe I'm ignorant; maybe I'm blind. I know Pete's not a perfect person - far from it. But I sure as hell ain't perfect either, and I'm not under nearly as much pressure as he is. Why the hell do people tear him apart when honestly, if they were to step back for a second, we're all just as royally fucked up as he is? You wanna know what I think? Everybody - every single person on this planet - is a royal fuck up. A huge royal fuck up. Now, I know that sounds pessimistic, but let me explain: I don't mean it as an insult. It's what makes us human. And what makes us good people, I believe, is not how many times we fuck ourselves (and others) over; instead, it's how many times we apologize. Get back up. Have the courage to try again.

Does Pete try again? I fucking think so.

(SIDENOTE: Now, I know Pete ended this blog with "now that fob is gone". I don't know if he means this long-term, or short-term, or what. Pete, he's a cryptic mother-fucker. But I just can't handle reading blog posts like his, where he's depressed/sad/confused because some asshole media fucker decided Pete Wentz was worth tearing to shreds. If this is the end of Fall Out Boy, yeah, I'll be sad. But you know what? I've seen them live. I've got every CD. Those are the two things I wanted before this band ended, and while the first came right down to the wire (fucking Canada and our fucking lack of good concerts), I got to see them. I'll remember that, if I have to. If that's what it comes down to, if this is their end, then I'm happy. Folie is an unbelievable record. It's my favorite of theirs, actually. If they wanna go out on a high note, they should go out on a high note. They have every damn right to, and Folie is a brilliant way to end it. Besides, do you honestly think they can stay away? Patrick and Joe and Andy will always, always have something to do with music. Pete will always have something to do with music. They're not going away.)

Honestly, Pete is one of my idols. I know it's bad to put people on a pedestal. But I like Pete because if he falls off the pedestal, for whatever reason, he doesn't lay shattered at the bottom. It might take a day, a month, or a year, but he's a determined motherfucker. He's going to get back up.

So, this blog is long and meandering and makes little sense. But honestly, please, explain it to me, if you can. Explain to me why you hate Pete Wentz, if you do. Explain to me why you're better than him, if you think you are.

Because I just. Don't. Get it.

And things like this are why, even if the front row hates you, the kids out on the lawn are giving their hearts in exchange for yours.
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