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Title: Believe Me, It's Easy To Scream When You're Bleeding
Rating: PG-13 (for language, mild violence, and discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: General (vague Patrick/Pete)
POV: Third Person (Pete centric)
Summary: Pete vaguely remembers a blind, misguided sort of wishing for his reason for fighting.  And then he remembers nothing at all.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction, nothing less, nothing more.
A/N: Just a story I wrote to cure my writer's-block - apparently since Joe!fic is completed my brain feels no need to be creative whatsoever. I don't know how good this is, but it might be part of a master plan. We shall see. This is based heavily on events that occurred involving Pete that we, quite honestly, know nothing about. For evidence/an explanation of such events, just ask me in the comments what the hell it is I'm rambling about, and I'll link you to the entries on Pete's blog that explain these things. Long story short, he got beat up badly, and has never told us how/why/whatthehellevenPeter. This is my version of what might have happened that night, and in the days/weeks following. It came out a little Patrick/Pete ship-y, but not too bad - just consider it misplaced Patrick/Pete BFF angsting. The only other thing I feel I should add is that J-Mont, someone mentioned in this, is an MTV reporter notorious for writing mostly-gossiping articles about our Fall Out Boy. I would be glad to discuss his authenticity as a real person and/or my opinions on him in the comments as well. These scenes are in no order. And, finally, the title and cut text are taken from the demo version of Hedley's "Saturday". (Holy hell this breaks my personal record for "Longest A/N Ever". I apologize.)

But hey, it's just another Saturday. )
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Fall Out Boy is apparently trying really hard to make us fans cry. The booklet that comes with Believers Never Die has notes by all of them. Original scans are here, but because their handwriting gives you a headache to decipher (especially Andy and Joe's, good lord), some person has kindly done it for you. I tried to catch all typos but I might have missed some.

Andy - Take This To Your Grave )

Pete - From Under the Cork Tree )

Patrick - Infinity on High )

Joe - Folie a Deux )


And if that wasn't enough, every fan who entered their name at the beginning of shennanigans was written in here.

So, in conclusion, FOB clearly rocks our socks. And, as one ICHer commented, "It's unfair to other bands that this band has four perfect and awesome members." Or words nothing like that, but which mean the same thing.

Oh, and it's so cliche, but...


(Lawd, I am cheesy tonight. Sorry :/)

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Title: Smiles Like Ritalin
Rating: PG-13 (for language and discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: General (vague Pete/Patrick)
POV: Third Person (Pete centric)
Summary: Pete can’t believe his ticket to the big time came in the form of a stupid, young, perfect boy with the initials “PMS”, but it has.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction, nothing less, nothing more.
A/N: This probably shouldn't see the light of day. Short, angsty drabble. Also not very good, in my opinion, but... *shrugs* (Title and cut text by Marianas Trench.)

One more hit and you’ll get better, tinfoil, cigarettes, it's not okay. )
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Title: We're Dying For An Adrenaline Rush (Pop A Pill For The Quick Thrill)
Rating: PG-13 (for discussion of attempted suicide)
Pairing: Patrick/Pete friendship
POV: First person (conscience centric)
Summary: "Fading is the easy part, Patrick.  It's staying bright that's always hard."
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is fiction, nothing less, nothing more.
A/N: Oh my god. I don't even know. I wanted something dark, twisted, and Best Buy incident centric, and when I couldn't find anything... This happened. Seriously. I have no idea. It is by far some of the worst stuff I have written, but some sick part of me apparently loves torturing poor Patrick. So. Enjoy, I guess? Again, no clue how this came out. My twisted, twisted head.

The sun and grass and eyeliner.  Guitars and self-loathing. )


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