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So, I'm breaking down. Here is a temporary list of the best bandom fanfic I've found on LJ. I'll be updating this as more genius is found *nods*

The Cab

Title: Entered Into With Abandon
Pairing: General
My Summary: Seriously awesome Cash fic where our little Cash is the next Bobby Flay. Or awesome chef, for those who don't speak foodie.
Sample: "Cash waves his little kitchen torch at them and talks about water baths and tempering the custard and the guys are totally cracking up and shaking their heads. Singer is all but licking the bowl when he finishes his but he laughs, too, and says, “Dude, nice try! C’mon, Halo tournament!”"

Title: Remember What You Started With (It Was Nothing At All)
Pairing: Ian/Marshall, Ian/Cash
My Summary: A ginormous BBB fic I stumbled upon. Ian in this makes me cry. Absolutely gorgeous, but it does feature heavy slash (and I mean heavy) so not for anyone who can't stomach that.
Sample: "Even when Ian awakes from unremarkable dreams to the familiar rumble of the road beneath their tires, he doesn’t really think much of the knowledge that Marshall is snuffling unconsciously into his shoulder."

Title: A Farewell To Friendship
Pairing: Cash/Alex Marshall
My Summary: This is genius. [ profile] worldonstringer is genius. That is all.
Sample: "Marshall shrugged it off at the time. Marshall shrugged a lot of things off."

Title: Exactly Five Things
Pairing: General
My Summary: I am such a sucker for [ profile] worldonstringer's stories. So have another beautiful one.
Sample: "Ian blew out a puff of smoke, lips chapped, grin contagious. “Marshall’d look pretty smoking,” he whispered to Cash.
There was a soft sound from Ian’s other side, which meant Johnson was leaning against Ian’s other shoulder. Cash said, “This band can only take so much pretty at once.”"


Fall Out Boy

Title: A Shared Madness
Pairing: General (vague Pete/Patrick)
My Summary: I still love this. The Fall Out Boy boys get stuck in a time-warp. Totally stunning. Quite possibly my favorite Fall Out Boy fic ever (and Joe in this makes me glee).
Sample: "Andy does something ridiculous and amazing with his double-bass pedal, and over on the other side of the stage Joe is spinning, spinning."

Title: Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today
Pairing: General (vague Pete/Patrick)
My Summary: A sequel to the story above, where they get out of the time warp. Also gorgeous.
Sample: "As it turns out, once the panic fades, the biggest torment of Hell is the boredom."

Title: The Second Star To The Right
Pairing: Pete/OC
My Summary: Guys, this is love.  I'm kindamaybealittle addicted to anything Pete Wentz centered where he comes off sad and dark and weak, so this was perfect for that.  Also, Pete Wentz is Peter Pan.  Forsures.
Sample: "He mentally ordered himself to lean forward so he’d hit the counter rather than the floor. But it never mattered, which way he fell. The point was: he always did."

Title: 40 Ways To Annoy Patrick Stump
Pairing: General
My Summary: Exactly what it sounds like. Hilarious.
Sample: "8: Ask him to prove everything he says. (Eg. “Hi Brendon, I’m glad you’re here...” “PROVE IT!”)"

Title: N/A
Pairing: General
My Summary: This is an unbelievably long fic on what life is like for Patrick Stump roughly 10 years from now.  Totally gorgeous.  Spotted by [ profile] worldonstringer and so worth a read. As much as it killed me to read, because I just don't like thinking about the end of bandom as we know it, if this is what their lives are like in the future, I would be okay with it.
Sample: "Patrick knows; half a lifetime of Pete and he knows about words, the ones that stick in your head, burning a path between your brain and your fingers before spilling out, staining the page. Eight years later and Patrick still gets emails from Pete filled with those words--sometimes just a line, sometimes a paragraph. Some nights, even, he still finds himself taking them, rearranging them, doodling out little tunes. Sometimes he'll put something together on the computer, just like the old days, and send it back Pete's way."

Panic! at the Disco

Title: Even Broken Hearts May Have Their Doubts
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
My Summary: This is light slash, no worries, and honestly needs to be read, even if that's not your thing. I could quote a million lines of genius from this. I have quoted a million lines of genius from this.
Sample: "But now I wouldn't feel a thing because you won't let me feel a thing. It's like hopelessly searching for water in a drought.
But even in a drought, you need to know what water feels like to know that you haven’t got it."


Title: Zero-Turn Radius
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon, Spencer/Greta, Ryan/William, Pete/Patrick, Gabe/Vicky
My Summary: So cute. Seriously. Hardly slash, I think maybe someone kisses, but so worth the read. Also, why can't I have a Pete stalking me? Or a Nate to pet and cuddle? Or an Ian to follow me around? *pouts*
Sample: "“So, the rake?” Spencer says, and Joe actually giggles and swings his head around to smile up at Spencer lazily. 
“Dude, I was on the gardening crew,” he says and the words are slow. “I’ve used a rake. I’m also pretty handy with a hoe.”"


Title: N/A
Pairing: General
My Summary: Drabble in which Spencer gets in a car and drives forever for the sake of driving. Oh, and Ryan tags along.
Sample: "The road is not too hard to follow, just a ongoing, curving line of pale concrete. Spencer has no idea where he's going, or how long it's going to take to get there, but he figures as long as its going this way, he's alright."

Title: Break It Up
Pairing: General (vague Brendon/Spencer)
My Summary: Just read it. Oh my god, just read it.
Sample: "It's always been that way. Break everything until the pieces fit differently and leave cracks open for the noise to get out, but never come back in. "

Title: Preordained
Pairing: Spencer/Jon, Brendon/Ryan, vague Patrick/Pete
My Summary: This is incredible. It DOES feature heavy slash, so only for those who can stomach that. Jon sees the future, Brendon heals, Ryan controls the elements, Patrick controls people, and Pete and Spencer move things. With their MINDS! Seriously awesome superpower AU, also featuring The Academy Is...
Sample: "Well, it’s one way of dealing with looming death, to take a hold of the other with both hands, push and pull and twist in the sheets every single night so that you can say you didn’t waste any of your time together. You didn’t waste it like Patrick and Pete did."

Title: Radiant
Pairing: Spencer/OC
My Summary: Okay, MAYBE I'm partial to this because [ profile] drowninginlethe wrote me into it, but it seriously is amazing. And it's a Spencer birthday fic. What more do you want, people?
Sample: "Spencer Smith had a pretty good birthday if he does say so himself, even though he would've liked being on the Dodgers field with Brendon, Pete, and Shane, but hey, he's not complaining."

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon, Ryan/Keltie
My Summary: Oh my god. This made me cry a little. Maybe. Hobo dies and it's just so sad b-but... You should read it. Really. Mention of slash but nothing really, so even [ profile] drowninginlethe could handle it.  And Ryan in this... Ohgawd *sobs*
Sample: "The guy asked for Ryan's number and Ryan just shook his head. "I can't really afford to be social right now." 
Brendon smiled, but his eyes were still sad. "We'll be anti-social." 
It sounded like a line in a movie, but Ryan needed a movie-like moment."


Title: 40 Ways To Annoy Spencer Smith
Pairing: General
My Summary: This is hilarious. Exactly what it sounds like. Also, if I ever meet Spencer I promise you I will ask him how babies are made.  I swear this to all of you.
Sample: "11. Tell Spencer last night, when you were all on stage, that you were slightly attracted to him.
12. Insist that you show Spencer all the swear words you know."


Title: 40 Ways To Annoy Ryan Ross
Pairing: General
My Summary: So perfect. Same idea as the one above.
Sample: "19: Lock Ryan in a room with a naked Pete Wentz.
20: Go to Patrick with wide eyes and tell him Ryan is doing naughty things with a naked Pete Wentz and ask why."

Title: 40 Ways To Annoy Jon Walker
Pairing: General
My Summary: Still excellent. One more of these.
Sample: "32: Randomly throw something at him every few seconds.
33: Set his favorite pair of flip-flops on fire."


Title: 40 Ways To Get Back At Brendon Urie
Pairing: General
My Summary: Also epic. Thus ends my "40 Things" plugging.
Sample: "32: Every ten seconds point in the opposite direction to what Brendon is looking in and shout “LOOK! AN OBVIOUS DISTRACTION!”"

Title: We Are Immune
Pairing: General (vague Ryan/Brendon)
My Summary: Dark, short, and angsty. Ryan has anorexia. He meets Brendon in rehab. Commence angst.
Sample: "Greta and Keltie and some other nurses handed out refreshments.
Cookies, sodas, sandwiches, fruits.
(Caffeine, sugar, sodium, fat.)"


Title: Stay
Pairing: General (vague Brendon/Ryan)
My Summary: Another angsty Panic! split fic. Featuring good song lyrics.
Sample: "“I thought I could do this,” he said, pacing the room, the same few inches of carpet, back and forth. “I mean, I can write words. I can do that, I’m not a moron, but I can’t – I can’t be him. I can’t be Ryan.”"

Title: This Has Your Name Written All Over It
Pairing: Ryan/Alex Greenwald, Ryan/Brendon
My Summary: Um. Heartbreaking. And even if you're not into slash at all (I sees you lurking, Dana <3) just scroll to the bottom and read Ryan's note.  Wow, just wow.
Sample: "There’s a pause. And when Brendon speaks his voice is heavy, as if he’s a ninety year old man recounting his tragic life story. “Alex said I was all over your suicide note.”
“You shouldn’t have read it.”"


Title: No Changing Yesterday
Pairing: General
My Summary: Epic college AU in which Spencer decides to join the FBR fraternity.  Featuring only, oh, every bandom boy ever?
Sample: ""Last time," Spencer says, "when I was here for the barbecue, I was just here for moral support."
"But our sheer amount of awesome obviously changed his mind," Jon says. "Because that's the way we roll."
"Uh huh," Patrick says, slowly, and Jon flips him off."


Title: Paper Shells
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
My Summary: Brendon is insecure in this one, and it's written perfectly.  Besides, everyone wants to know the answer to the question, "Am I pretty?"  (Slash is minimal - just kissing.)
Sample: "To simplify the whole ordeal, to make it easier on everybody and everybody's egos, this whole big mess and charade, this unnatural disaster, it really just started with one question:
"Do you think, I'm pretty?""


Title: Would You Lie With Me (And Just Forget The World)
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer/Jon/Ryan
My Summary: The single most beautiful apocalypse fic/Bandom Big Bang I have ever read.  So unbelievably stunning and gorgeously written.  Did I mention that [ profile] justthismorning is amazing and awesome?  (And hopefully she's okay with me rec-ing this <3)
Sample: "It began on a Tuesday, and when it did, there was no forewarning. The day was no different from any of the other Tuesdays before it, except that maybe parts of the world were a little sunnier and other parts were a little rainier and some places were exactly in tune with the annual average. No weather records were shattered, no political leaders were assassinated. No new wars began and none were resolved. The world woke up, went to work and school and the park to play chess and feed the pigeons despite the signs saying not to."

The Academy Is...

Title: Tongue-Tied And Overloaded
Pairing: Adam/The Butcher, Mike Carden/Michael Guy Chislet, Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan, William/Travis
My Summary: I was most definitely not lurking [ profile] drowninginlethe's memories when I found this.  Except that maybe I was.  High-school AU with minimal slash ([ profile] drowninginlethe liked it.  That minimal).
Sample: "I think I’m kind of in love with you. Like, epic petepatrick style love and I don’t know what to do, but I thought you should, you know. Know. 
-Sisky Biz"


~Work In Progress~
(If you have written or read a fic that I should read and add, link it in the comments. I'm always looking for new fic to love <3)

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Date: 2009-09-28 01:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I pretty much love you.
You have just given me something to do when I'm hella bored and too lazy to go searching for fanfic to read. You're doing the work for me! muhahaha


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Date: 2009-09-28 03:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ha that was the plan. Also, I always forget why I added this or that fic to my memories, so this means I can keep track of why I likes them. Awesome ;)

(no subject)

Date: 2009-09-29 01:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You added me to the list!! <3
(I also loved that you rate slash-levels by whether I'd handle it or not XD)

(no subject)

Date: 2009-09-29 01:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Of COURSE you're on the list <3 I was trying to figure out a way to add your epic William fic here too but I think I'll just have to link to the first chapter. Meh *shrugs*
(Ha I hope they're working. I was just like, "Dana won't read this unless I ASSURE her it's not slashy" but some of the ones with minor pairings are amazing. So that was me making it easier for you to pick and chose haha)

Random P.S. - Josh Ramsay just tweeted Brendon Urie! My life, it's complete <3

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Date: 2009-10-01 01:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad you're thinking of me. :P

Erm, Hols? 8/30? Is it August still?! =0


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Date: 2009-10-01 01:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yeah, totally. Didn't you know it's still August in Canada? *coughs*

Yeah, I'm gonna change that right now. Thanks for letting me know haha.

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Date: 2009-09-28 03:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
these all look excellant-some I've read before, but now I have some more to look up on rainy days!

here are a couple of my faves:
Title: (Future!fic)
Pairing: Gen, friendship!fic w/ Patrick, Frank (Iero), Spencer.
Summary: I think this is what has screwed with my conceptions of reality. I know Tigs wrote this as self-indulgent fic, (or at least she keeps claiming that) but it's really just indulgent to anyone who loves any bandom boy. Patrick and Spencer and Frank in a superband!! Mikey and Alicia own a boutique!! Hella long, but so so worth it.

also, i can't find it (maybe you know what i'm talking about) but my fave fic almost ever (or at least MCRwise) was a apocalypse/zombie!virus fic of Mikey and Frank traveling crosscountry to reunite with the rest of the band+wives. Barely slash until the end. Anyway, if I find it, I'll link it. Like i said, my fave fic almost ever.

(no subject)

Date: 2009-09-28 03:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awesome. Imma read that one and then add it to the list.

Also, I've read your Keltie/Panic story, but my school doesn't allow for emailing, so that's why I haven't responded. It was freaking amazing, by the way <3

And I haven't read that MCR one. I'll look around for it... Somewhere on LJ there's a community where you can look for fic but I don't know where it went...

(no subject)

Date: 2009-09-28 11:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
you are going to keep adding to this, right? Because I love rec lists (Actually, I don't read anything unless it's been recced to me, or if it's by one of my friends...does that make me picky?)

But I'm loving this list because it's so hard to find good stuff for bands other than PatD and MCR. Not because it doesn't exist, but because I don't know where to look for it. So yay! FoB recs! And I think I can totally get into the Cab. They're just so cute.

and oh! *Glee* You have Zero-Turn Radius on here. :D

(no subject)

Date: 2009-09-28 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm totally gonna keep adding. I have twice already since I first posted it haha. And it doesn't make you picky. I'm just brave enough to wade through hundreds of stories lol.

The Cab are about the cutest thing to ever happen to this planet. Sooo cute. Loves them, and there's some good Cab fic out there if you can, again, wade through the not-so good fic.

And of course it's on here! I luffed it. So cute, and totally deserving of the epic fic list *nods*


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